Donna Sue Dolle, M.D., P.A. is a private, or concierge, internal medicine practice called Clear Lake Internal Medicine which is located in Nassau Bay, TX. We are also known as a Direct Primary Care practice.

Advantages of this style of practice:

  • High quality, patient-centered medical care
  • Little to no wait time in the office
  • Same day availability for urgent appointments
  • More time available between patient and physician to discuss health care issues
  • Emphasis on disease prevention and quality of life
  • Physician availability after hours and on weekends via phone or the internet

Patients are asked to pay an annual fee to join the practice.  Insurance is not billed for Dr. Dolle's time.  Patients may continue to use their medical insurance or Medicare for all medical needs not covered by Dr Dolle's services.  Please see the Services and Fees tab for details on included services.

The fee includes:

  • An Annual Comprehensive Wellness Assessment including EKG and blood work
  • Secure patient web portal with an online personal health record
  • Medical care throughout the year--no maximum number of appointments


In essence, patients engage me as their personal private physician.  My goal is to serve your medical needs with high quality, value, and convenience.

My staff and I provide care for patients who desire excellence in traditional medicine and want guidance regarding the protection of their most precious asset – their health.  Dr Dolle is also open to discussions regarding cutting edge testing and therapies.

Current Patients:  As part of our new electronic health records there is a new patient portal to use to communicate with us, and to view your lab work results, med list, etc.  If you would like access to the new internet portal, notify us by phone or email so that we can activate your account.  The website for the new portal is:

(If this link does not work in your browser, try this:

There is also a smartphone app that can be used to connect to the patient portal on the go!  The app is called healow.  Please look for healow in the iphone app store or on google play.  For more information, go to:

If you are a current patient and would like to be able to send Dr Dolle and her office staff secure text messages, please click on the following link to download the smart phone app to do this:  The spruce health app is much easier to use than healow, and pictures can also be sent to Dr Dolle via Spruce.