Clear Lake Internal Medicine Services: 

  • An Annual Comprehensive Wellness Assessment which includes:
  • Complete assessment of current medical issues and symptoms, review of family history, medications/herbal supplements and vitamins
  • Complete physical exam with gynecologic exam if appropriate
  • Blood tests including: complete blood count and serum chemistry, thyroid testing, prostate cancer test for men in appropriate age group, lipid (cholesterol) panel, serum iron, and hs-CRP
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Lung spirometry if indicated
  • Diabetes risk assessment
  • Recommendations for preventative care
  • Assessment of emerging healthcare technologies pertinent to the patient
  • Diet, lifestyle, exercise and nutritional assessment and counseling
  • Assessment of current medical problems, immunizations and medications
  • An in depth report of your Wellness Assessment will be provided to you with a to-do list to maintain or improve your health
  • Additional screenings that may be appropriate for geriatric patients such as cognition and gait assessment as well as long-term health goal review
  • A Patient Portal via the internet so that communication between patients and Dr. Dolle can be conducted in a secure setting to protect personal health information.  The patient web portal will also contain a Personal Health Record that can be maintained by the physician and patient to allow access to medical reports via the internet
  • Appointments within 24 hours for urgent issues
  • Routine office visits with little or no waiting upon arrival and extended time with physician while in the office
  • Telephone or email consultation when an office visit is not necessary
  • Follow up consultation to review the results of your Wellness Assessment if needed
  • More physician/patient time spent during routine office visits
  • After office hours/weekend access to Dr. Dolle via phone, email or text messaging for urgent or ongoing issues
  • Being part of a practice that is limited in patient numbers in order to guarantee individual patient access to care when it is needed
  • Having Dr. Dolle as your advocate to assist you in all health-related decisions
  • House calls or extended hours availability in limited situations
  • Blood Drawing in office
  • Annual influenza vaccine
  • Consultation by Dr. Dolle with hospitalists and specialists, home health care, etc.
  • Prompt referral and coordination of care with specialists
  • Follow up with patients after specialist visits to discuss care plan as needed
  • Assistance with finding physicians in other cities for patients with medical problems while traveling
  • Assistance to families (with patient permission) for coordination of care of elderly or ill patients who are transitioning between different levels of personal and medical care
  • Pre-Operative Consultations
  • No co-pays, no deductibles, for office visits



Services Not Covered under Annual Fee at Donna Sue Dolle, M.D., P.A.

(You will need to keep your private insurance or Medicare to cover these expenses.)


·       Hospitalizations and Emergency Room Visits, Urgent Care Visits


·         Lab Work, X-Rays, Pathology, including Pap Smears (except lab work that is included with the annual comprehensive wellness assessment as outlined in included services above)

·         Mammograms, Bone Density Tests, Stress EKG tests, MRI, and CT Scans

·         Medical care provided by other physicians and providers of healthcare such as specialist care, including surgical procedures

·         Vaccines/injections such as Shingles, Hepatitis, Pneumonia, or Meningitis Vaccines

·         Prescription Medications, Home Health, Durable Medical Equipment
 Workers Compensation

·         Outpatient procedures or any medical services provided outside our office

·         Specialized testing and screenings offered to appropriate patients that may be ordered by Dr. Dolle and provided in the office that are not a covered service on most insurance plans such as advanced cardiovascular risk screenings and genetic testing 


Annual Fees for Clear LakeInternal Medicine (Changed Effective August 1, 2019)



















65 and over



Nursing Home/Facility within 15 miles of office



Note Change effective August 1, 2019:  A discount of $100 will be applied to each additional household family member who enrolls in the practice.  Pre-payment of an initial monthly or the full annual fee is required to become a patient of Clear Lake Internal Medicine.  Annual membership fees may be paid in equal monthly installments or in one payment annually by either automatic bank draft (preferred), or credit card. Checks will be accepted for the initial monthly payment or once annual payment only.  Should you decide to terminate the agreement for any reason, you will be charged at least 6 months months of the annual fee.

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